All the knit-onauts have terrors, little tics that are not tics and many other terrifying things for all the knit-onauts of the world.

Today, we will try to list all the things that terrifies us, scares us or makes us have a mini attack on the moment ^^

Let’s go for the terrors of the knit-onauts !

1. Go back to correct an error

I’m knitting 869 stitches correctly, but I prefer to focus on this little tiny mistake on stiches # 764. I go back to correct it and there, fear overwhelms me. Who knows what could happen when I release these meshes one by one? It is possible that the whole project disintegrates before my eyes and there … what anguish! 😱

2. The doubt when knitting a sweater

I’m excited to knit a sweater every time, but I’m also a little scared. Will my head go through the neckline without getting stuck? Will my arms lie down in the night making the sleeves too short? Are the armholes wide enough to fit my arms? Frightening things can happen sometimes, especially when there is no sample (oops!)..😬

3. Moths are attacking!

Moths … these little vampires thirsty for fresh wool, devouring our precious knits. They can tear down hours of work in such a short time. 😭

4. Yarn sales

Do you also have this little demonic voice that says to you: “Go! Take this wool. You need that color and you can not resist her call, mouhahaha! “

5. The markers that disappear

I look at my knitting, the markers adorn the work nicely, everything is fine. Until you notice the disappearance of one of them. 😱 Impossible! A minute ago, this marker was there and told me where to make my increase and he disappeared? Yes, flew! (Spoiler: Check the cushions on the sofa and at your feet before you panic, only after these steps is it ok!) 😅

6. Lack of storage space

I hide my yarn balls everywhere. Today, there is even under the sofa! 😅 Secretly, in the depths of the month, I fear that the next skein that I bring back does not fit into any of my wool boxes. It’s as if an elf came at night to see my collection and multiplied the balls a little more each time (if you read me, bring me more merino next time!)

7. Offer knitted gifts

And if they do not like it? And if it’s not right? What happens if it turns into a huge piece of felt? 😱 There are so many fears that can go through my head when I offer a knitted gift. So, to avoid this, I always give lots of recommendations as if I leave a baby to a nanny: “and do not take him bath too hot, it is fragile”, “think to lay it flat”

8. The felting of a knit

We live in constant fear of a helpless companion, spouse, child or friend putting our knit in the washing machine or dryer. Finish then the pretty stitches and hello the piece of felt: ‘(!

9. The millstone projects

These millstones projects haunt me every time I have the courage to take a look in my warrants. They are there, for months they look at me with their little supplicating eyes to finish them and I can not see that. 🥺 Sadly, they will not go away on their own.

10. To be short of yarn

You too have been sweaty at the end of a project because you finish it on the wire (haha what I’m funny! 😝) ? Your last stitch seems to end a few inches from the end of the line … or not?

And what are you afraid of in knitting? Share me your fears in the comments;)

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