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How long do you spend searching your store when you want to start a new project? More importantly, how often do you forget a thread that could work for a project, but that is buried deep in a basket or drawer?

When I moved, I put all my sons in bulk. And things have become totally out of control! I could not find anything. I needed to know how to organize my son illico presto!

Of course, the simplest solution would have been to reduce my supply of wool. But we all know that is not the case. So instead, I decided to organize my sons by color. My dark colored sons are under the bed in a first tray. In the second tray, I put all my son in white-cream-gray colors. In the third tray, I put the threads of various colors and variegated (other than light and dark). In the fourth bin, are my books, my needles, my bags and my accessories. On the door of my room, hang 3 project bags with work-in-progress. Behind this same door are 2 kraft bags from We Are Knitters that serve as a tote for the wool. Finally a last part of the wool is under the sofa because there was no place anywhere (#Shame).

There are many other ways to store your son. If you have the Wool organizing virus, take a look at these methods to determine how best to organize your incredible supply of wool.

Sort by color

Work well for: knitters and crocheters who are inspired by color and who could even choose their project depending on the color. Some people are more inspired by color than by the type of project. For them, color is the flagship inspiration behind the stitches of their knitting. Have you ever thought “I’d like to create something blue!” Or “I really want to do something with this beautiful hand-tinted color”? If so, you probably want to organize your stock by color. This will help you find the color you need. Plus, she’ll be a real inspiration when you’re looking for a knitting project.

Sort by fiber

Works well for : knitters who like knitting in cold, warm weather OR knitters who like to experiment with a lot of fiber and blends between the fibers. Are most of your projects governed by the seasons?

Perhaps you are simply obsessed with the use of many different fibers and blends. If you have a variety of fibers in your supply and you often choose projects based on fiber, this is the organizing method for you! If you put all your cotton threads in one place, then when it will be time to work on summer projects, you will know exactly where to look! When autumn arrives, you can search directly in your box of alpaca or merino.

Sort by weight

Works well for : knitters and hookers who usually find a pattern, then look for matching threads in their stock.

If you choose pattern-based projects, weight organization can help you quickly see if you have the right thread for the project.

Similarly, it can help if you’re in the mood for a specific type of project. . For example, if you’re in the mood to knit socks, you take a look at your stock where you’ve put the sock yarn on and you’re done!

Sort by project

Works well for : knitters who buy thread thinking of a very specific project.

Some of us buy thread thinking of a very specific project. (I’m totally jealous of you, by the way.) There is probably not a lot of chance in the reserve, because each thread already has a specific assigned goal.

If it concerns you, sort your thread by project. You could even decide to collect the pattern and the thread in a bag or container to keep everything together. It also makes it easier for you when you are ready to do the project, because you will not have to search for the boss or remember the name of the boss at that time!

And you, how do you organize your thread? Does it work well with the way you choose your projects?

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