Everyone can create and have the desire at one time or another of his life. Unfortunately, we all have moments where creativity is not at the rendezvous and seems out of order! When our motivation, our creativity is at a standstill, we experience these periods of blockages that can lead to creative burnouts. One of the things I‘ve learned to rely on to get a boost of creativity or a little boost is the use of essential oils. 

PersonallyI use organic essential oils. In this article, I propose an article with the essential oils that I use on my relatives on the advice of a specialist and me. I found them for my well-beingmy homehelping me in the most difficult times and they have always been of great use to me.

WARNING ! I remind you that essential oils can be unsuitable if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Always check with a health professional that the use of essential oil is possible. It is recommended to dilute an essential oil with another oil if you apply it on the skin (sweet almond oil does the job very well).

1. Mandarin : find a good mood and creativity

The refreshing and lemony scent of mandarin can relieve the darkest moods and bring the dose of encouragement that is lacking in your creative work. Creativity can be slowed down by obstacles that we impose on ourselves (like big ones) and mandarin can help us break through the glass ceiling and work with a new meaning closer to that of children. It will allow you to give a boost to the abundant supply of creative energy that is in you and just waiting to be released.

To boost your creative energy and improve your mood, place one or two drops in the hollow on your wrist, rub them against each other and inhale deeply the smell that emerges for about 30 seconds.

2. Incense: to be calmer

The sweet, spicy smell of incense soothes the body and mind. It is a sweet and nourishing oil that helps us feel guided towards our best creative “I”.

Whenever I feel restless, it is this little bottle that I catch to apply a drop on each wrist. I rub them against each other, I breathe deeply and I feel almost instantly soothed. When we are calm, our creations are more free to emerge.

3. Lavender: to express your creativity

Lavender essential oil is perfect to help you express your creativity. It calms the feeling of insecurity and the doubts that can arise when we start a new project or explore new ideas. It can also help reduce your anxiety (very useful when you’re stressed in nature as I can be).

This highly scented oil encourages us to express our creativity and our emotions, it allows us to free ourselves and create.

To use it, I diffuse it in my workspace with a diffuser or with a cloth handkerchief in which I put two drops of essential oil. This allows you to embalm a piece very quickly.

4. Clary sage: to see more clearly

This essential oil can help change our perceptions, dispel our doubts and obstacles we place on our work and open our minds to new possibilities. This may encourage us to rely more on our intuition and broaden our horizons. 

Clary sage is one of the most relaxing and soothing essential oils I have. It creates a relaxing environment while reducing stress and anxiety. 

use it like lavender oil by spreading it in the room with a diffuser or a tissue.

5. Jasmine: for optimism and trust

The essential oil of jasmine brings a soft feeling of euphoria to the body and the spirit. When we feel exalted, we have more confidence in ourselves and we feel ready to tackle bigger projects.

I spread jasmine in my workspace like lavender and clary sage when I know I have a job that to be difficult to do. If I really need a boost, I’ll increase the effects by drinking a jasmine tea (a delight by the way) 😛

I regularly use these essential oils to help me keep creative fire. They help me to find the motivation that I sometimes miss, to boost my energy and help me to be courageous to express myself freely in my creative work. And you, you use essential oils sometimes?

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