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I started knitting a while ago and I am eager for new knowledge: I especially want to learn to spin and to crochet. was always very manual but I could not find the Activity (yes yes with a big A) that would hold me for hours. Until the day when, on a cold winter day (true fact), I went to the haberdashery department of a big sign to see the balls of wool. When I was little, I had begged my grandmother to teach me and she had tried. But I was too young, not patient enough (and why my yarn is so smaaaaaaall ?) and I had quickly given up, convinced that knitting would never be done for me !

And yet, that day, without knowing a single base of knitting, I bought my first needles and my first balls of wool (sooo crazy !). I learned knitting alone.

Of course, not everything was done at once, but today, I think I can teach to knit to other people and share my tips with them. I know that learning as an autodidact is not easy: we go a little blindly, we are not sure, we are wrong, we start again and again.

But we are so happy when in the end, we finished this first project (although he is not perfect with its holes and loose stitches) and worst: we love it!

I quickly became addicted. I take my knitting everywhere with me: in the street, parks, university, metro, tram, car, train … I’m not ashamed to knit in front of people!

Knitting allowed me to de-stress and learn to “let go” as I say. I am someone who always goes to one hundred per hour and has an idea to the second. Knitting allows me to relax, focus on one thing and have fun! This is how Jaenelle was born and the blog “Les Triconautes”

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