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a little bit of me,

I started knitting by chance, on a whim, a day of cold (true story). I was a student, I did not have many resources, and all the winter accessories I found seemed to me to be extremely expensive. So I decided to knit for this reason: motivated by the icy wind and the need for heat ^^ Through my blog, I want to share my passion, my discoveries, offer love and positive thoughts to people who love me follow. On this blog, I wanted to show my personality in a pure state: a lot of listening, analysis, technique, positive and dynamic thinking.

a little bit of you,

The knit-onauts, arrived during the development of the blog. Knit-onauts are looking for knitting adventures in the land of wool and fiber. Traveling with stitches, we share the same passion: knitting. Each and every one brings a little bit of knowledge, a piece of listening, a slice of empathy, a pinch of sweetness and that’s what I like about the knit-onauts: it is the mutual aid and the human beauty that come out by all these people.

a lot of us.

Very quickly, I wanted to create a strong community. Before, we had market places to discuss, meet, exchange and help each other. Today, that’s what I want to create with the knit-onauts around a common passion: that of fiber and creation. I want a community where everyone can meet, where everyone is welcomed and listened as a human, simply as a tronic. This community is not just me, it’s a bit of me, a little bit of you, and a lot of us <3

they trust me.

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