When I tried to knit my first yarn over, I found it magical and terribly scary at the same time. It seemed to me that leaving a hole in my knit was the last thing that had to happen to me when I started. Learning yarn over is a real opportunity to improve your practice and embellish your knits with pretty “eyelet” (or “holes” or whatever you want).

What does it look like ?

Yarn over is distinguished from other points by this “hole” (or “eyelet”) that it forms in your knits. It is a “hole”, we do not speak of those who are impromptu and can ruin the design of a book. It has two uses: it is decorative and it allows to make increases easily.

How to do it ?

The yarn over is very simple to make.

  • Knit up to the stitch where you wish to reveal a hole. If you use a pattern, it will tell you the number of knitting stitches before you make it.
  • Wrap the thread around your right needle from front to back.
  • Slide your right needle into the next stitch to continue knitting normally!

Voilà ! You have created a new stitch on your needle. It will suffice afterwards, to knit this throw normally as a standard mesh 🙂 Nothing complicated.

What’s the point ?

  • Making Increases

We have already seen that yarn over creates an extra stitch on your needle. Creating an extra mesh, of course, is a way to increase. In the case of a shawl, the fact of increasing one stitch on each side with the technique of throwing, gives the work its triangular shape.

  • Create a nice pattern

What can be used all these days in a knit? For the lace knit ! In lace knitting, we find a lot of yarn over to form a beautiful pattern. In this case, all throws are not used for raises. The thrown will often be followed by a decrease.

Do you like using yarn over ? Did that scare you the first time?

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