In the life of all knitters, we all face one day or another to the realization of a layette that it is for the baby of a relative, a friend or for our own future child (or small child ). Some triconauts have even started knitting for this specific reason and since then have not left their passion. I often get a lot of questions about the realization of layette and so I made the choice to write an article that will try to be as complete as possible 🙂

Let's start with the fiber's choice

The choice of fibers is very important when you are knitting for babies. Cotton and washable wool in general are the most popular choices and the ones I can only recommend! Easier to maintain, who do not fear the washing machine, it is important to think of the mom or dad who will wash the small jackets of the end of cabbage that will have all dirty by wanting decorating his vest with his hands full of puree .

When I knit for people who are not sensitive to the sensitivity of the fibers and who do not knit, I try to always offer machine washable items. On the contrary, if the person is more sensitized, I will allow myself to slip a more delicate part which will have to wash by hand because it will be aware that it should not be washed by a passage in machine;) In general, I Always have washing instructions for all this so that future parents are not lost at the fateful moment of washing.

For baby clothes, I like to work with pima cotton as soon as I can. Personally, I like working with We Are Knitters because the colors are very soft and very modern.

The structure

The structure of baby knitting is important. Two factors must be taken into account: the ease of putting on and taking off the garment and the safety problems.

It can be very difficult to get clothes through baby’s head, first of all because they tend to have a wide head and because they do not like it at all! A cardigan, a V-neck vest or a kimono style vest is a much better choice.

The other element to take into account is security. Clothing with ties should be avoided as there may be risks of strangulation. If buttons are used, make sure they are well sewn.

Also think about whether you offer very openwork projects. Babies can potentially “tangle” in. Of course, the beauty of a lace cover is not at all questioned, it is simply an element to pay attention.


For some people, it’s hard to resist the traditional roses and blue. But more and more parents prefer to avoid clichés and can even try to limit this kind of colors in the lives of their children.

For this simple reason, it’s important to talk to parents before starting a project to make sure the color you choose matches their preferences. Nobody wants to spend time making a layette that will never be worn because the recipient does not like the color.

Generational legacy or for everyday life?

The last question you need to ask yourself is whether you plan to knit something that will be considered an inheritance or something that will be used on a daily basis.

Most of the people I knit for wanted something that could be worn everyday (hence my predilection for machine washable fibers).

Nevertheless, a child who is a little special or who will be very close to you may justify the creation of a more precious project (like a lace blanket for a baptism for example). In this case, you can probably choose a fiber that requires more attention when it is maintained because it will not need to be washed as often as everyday clothes such as a blanket that will be used daily for example.

The relationship you have with the prospective parents will determine the decision you make. I have not yet had the opportunity to knit this type of item, but I hope I can have the pleasure of knitting this kind of items for my own children. I really like the idea that something can be passed on from generation to generation.

What to knit for baby ?

When I knit baby clothes, I like to offer pretty little packages for future parents who contain different elements. I propose here the 5 favorites that I like to knit and offer 🙂

Baby blanket

The essential! New parents never have too many blankets (for hugs, for the bed, for the pram and not to mention when you have to wash all that!). You can give free rein to your creativity for the cover. You just have to pay attention to the size you want to knit to know the required amount of wool for the achievement.

  • Car seat blanket : 60×60 cm or 24×24 inch 
  • Stroller blanket : 76×76 cm or 30×30 inch 
  • Reception blanket : 86 x 91 cm or 34×36 inch 
  • Baby bed blanket : 91×132 cm or 36×52 inch 

For example, if I have a wool with a sample of 12 stitches x 16 rows for a square of 10 cm and I want to knit a receiving blanket (86x91cm), I simply have to make the following calculation: (number of rows of sample for 10 cm) x (3 x width in cm that I want to knit) x (height of the project I want to knit / 10) = (16) x (3 x 86) x (91/10) = 16 x 258 x 9.1 = 37 564.8 cm or 375 meters 🙂

You just have to watch the length of your ball on the banner’s yarn. On my example let’s say that the length of my yarn is 65 meters, so I have to buy 375/65 = 5.7 balls or 6 balls of yarn 😉

If calculations are not your thing, you can use a calculator like the one at
Laine box which is very easy to use. 

My last favorite in terms of blanket is the Marius’s blanket made by
toute en fouinesse and it’s been years that I dream to realize one day this baby blaket style with shetland lace.


Little sweaters are extra for babies. My favorites are the one crossed on the front because they are easy to knit and put on (little thought to parents). In addition I think it’s a very satisfying project because they are really fast to achieve.

Pants or blommers

Pants are less obvious gifts but let me tell you, they have always been a real success. Bloomers are things I like to knit because they are perfect for “hiding” baby diapers in the summer, for example 😉

The hats and booties

Still classics with these two patterns. Soon after baby’s birth, hats and slippers are always useful. I like to knit slippers that stay at the feet of babies (they are there for that is not it?) That’s why after years of layette, I know which models I prefer to knit

  • The bonnet : here
  • The beanie : here
  • The booties (the one which stay on the feets) : here


Finally I love to add a little soft toy or a little blanket! It’s always something that can serve as decoration or memories for parents 🙂

Personally, I love offering rabbit comforters (do not ask me why, I love giving it ^ ^), here are my favorites:

  • The rabbit by Cheval Blanc : here
  • The rabbit by DROPS : here

Of course, you will find many more on the bank of free knitting patterns of the blog !

And you, what do you prefer to knit as a layette? 😉

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