Summer is here, that’s for sure! The heat is there, it is the season of the outputs, the beaches, the swimming pools … It is also the ideal moment to go in places where it is cooler if like me, you sometimes have difficulty to bear the heat . Here, in the South, temperatures can very quickly reach 30 or 35 ° which can rise up to 40 ° in the hottest periods.

Nowadays, knitting can be practiced everywhere and the most important is not necessarily the pure and simple realization of a product but is also the pleasure of the realization, the appreciation of the creative process in itself and that whether it’s a hot summer day or a cold winter night: knitting still has its place.

In addition, summer and long vacations may be the way for beginners to learn the ropes (haha I knew you had missed my humor !)

But what are the advantages of knitting the summer? Which yarns to prioritize ? What projects to realize? Where to knit? We will see all this together 😉

The summer projects

During the summer, I know how much the heat can sometimes be unbearable. Nevertheless, sometimes the heat gives you a little more respite especially during the less hot hours (in the morning or in the evening, when the sun starts to fall). There is no point in spending a full day, a small hour now and then can already give you a lot of good. If you find a space where it is cooler, you can stop and knit a little cool too.

It is for this reason that I recommend smaller projects: cases, pouches, knits for the home (tea towels, make-up disks, tawashi …). If you prefer to work on a longer project you can turn to lace, it will be easier to knit because of its lightness.

What to look for in a summer yarn

The son of summer are of course to privilege for this season! You will be much more comfortable to knit them. Summer yarns are usually brightly colored or pastel colored and are made of plant fibers such as cotton, linen or bamboo.

The choice of fibers is very important! Indeed, one of the biggest problems when you knit in the summer is to have your hands sweat. Forget mohair and thick wool then;)

Of course, the thickness of the wire is also important. Prefer fine threads, because they will be more pleasant to work (less thread in your hands = less friction = less heat = hands that stay cool!)

Which material?

For your equipment, travel light. In the summer, I work in the tote bag to transport my projects. Inside is my knitting kit with my essentials: scissors, needle to wool, needle to twist as needed … And especially wooden needles! And yes, your pretty metal needles will quickly heat up in the sun and the plastic will become sticky if you ever have the misfortune to sweat a little bit. So prefer wooden needles that will be much less impacted by the outside temperature.

Some ideas of places where you can knit

To finish this article, here are some ideas of places where I enjoy knitting in summer:

  • the edge of the pool

Always nice to accompany an afternoon of swimming. I often accompany my knitting a good book or a podcast to listen to.

  • the parks

In Nîmes, we are fortunate to have a large park, the Jardins de la Fontaine, with lots of shade and many fountains. I like to enjoy the coolness of the place especially in the morning or late afternoon when the heat is over.

  • libraries and museums

These places of culture are often air-conditioned and make good refuges when the temperatures are high. The places are often calm and one can take advantage of the choice of the presence of good works or sublime collections to observe.

  • the mountains

You start to know me, in summer, I like to take refuge in Lozère where the temperatures are milder. I can only encourage you to take your knitting with you if you have the chance to go to the mountains.

  • the beach

For beach lovers, knitting is also a good hobby between a tanning session and a swimming session. Just be careful to bring a small zippable plastic bag where you can put your knitting (and thus avoid dirtying your knitting with sand)

  • the garden

If you are one of the lucky ones to have a garden (shaded) you can of course settle outside in the morning or at the end of the day. Avoid the hottest hours, even in the shade, you can quickly feel bad if the temperatures are too high.

Vous l’aurez compris, cet été sera sous la bannière du tricot de mon côté et ce ne sont pas les températures qui m’empêcheront. Comme vous pouvez le constater, on peut facilement trouver des moments de fraîcheurs où l’on pourra prendre le temps de tricoter quelques heures 🙂 Et vous, ferez-vous partie des triconautes de l’été également ?

Si oui, j’aimerais voir où vous tricotez, ce que vous tricotez et si vous avez des astuces, n’hésitez pas à partager des photos sur instagram avec le hashtag #triconautedété 😉

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