Are you going to travel soon and want to knit but do not know how to organize? Today we will try to address all points that may interest you if you go on a trip with your knitting.

The mode of transport

How are you leaving? Are you going to travel by train, car or plane?

If you take the train, you will probably have a lot of time to knit. Try to minimize the number of suitcases and / or bags maximum. If you have less to transport, you can even give yourself the luxury of carrying two or three projects.

If you go by car, you may also have plenty of time to knit – unless you have to drive. You will only be able to knit a little when you rest (which you should do if you drive more than an hour or two).

For the plane, it’s the most complex. Most of the time, theoretically, you can afford to take knitting needles. But it also always depends on the security personnel at the airport. So I advise you to contact the airports that you intend to cross and the airlines that you will use to ask them the question. In the worst case, slip your knit into the hold bag and get it out when you reach your destination.

Travel time

How long are you going to travel? Just an hour or more? If you travel longer, you may consider taking several projects. In case you want to work on something else for a while. Or in case you could finish first. They should be different enough to offer some variety. But it could be two projects of the same kind, provided that the style and techniques used provide enough variety.


No matter how you travel, you probably will not have much room. This includes your project itself, your arms, your needles, the tools you may need and the model. Take a small project that requires a lot of knitting. Think about how long you will be able to knit before having to cut the thread and tuck in the threads. It is better to choose a project that does not require you to look at the model all the time. If there is a specific reason, make sure you can memorize it quickly. Read the reason before leaving! Highlight everything that is important for the size you are making and make sure you take everything you need to complete the project. You probably will not be able to recover the tools that you may have forgotten while traveling.

You will also need to consider the amount of material needed for the project. Just a ball or an armful of skeins? Do not forget to prepare well and put your skeins in balls before leaving! Personally, I find that the balls in the form of “cake” are the most practical for the trip.

The tools

If you have read the template, you need to know what tools you will need. Think of the number you may need and what you may need to access more often and choose a bag or project bag accordingly.

If you use markers, have a box or pouch with you where you can put them once you no longer need them. Do not let them hang around, they slide easily. For similar reasons, avoid using beads. Unless the project requires pre-threaded beads, it will be too difficult.

Also think about the needles that you will use. I prefer to use flyers and find them easier to use when I’m traveling. Just stall the project in the center of the cable and voila.


This is another subject to consider that involves some of the previous points. Very complex models may require more materials and tools. They may ask you to knit with multiple colors at once. You will probably need to have the model at all times. But one thing they definitely take is a lot of attention and concentration. You may also have traveling companions who need to get your attention. Or you may need to make sure that you are ready to go out quickly and on time (as in trains). You certainly do not want to miss your stop or forget about luggage.


If you want to knit at the beach, lake, restaurants, hiking or bus: have at least a small compact project with you during your travel. A pattern that does not require many tools, accessories, different threads, different needles, etc. Leave a larger project in your hotel room (if you are staying there) for quiet evenings if you wish.


If you are going to knit outdoors, by a lake, on the beach or on a hike, during your holidays, do not use very white thread. You will regret it. Even if you are very careful, it is almost impossible to keep the wire clean and it may not be easy to clean it again. An off-white or creamy color may be possible unless you spend a lot of time sitting on the grass. Grass stains are bad, as any parent can attest.

If you are often out in the sun when it’s hot, do yourself a favor and do not choose black either or any very dark color. The dark colors do not just heat up in the sun like crazy, you’ll feel like having a radiator running on your lap.

Always keep in mind the weight and size of the project. Choose a project type that suits the type of vacation you spend. If it’s hot where you are going, stick to the cold, bright-colored thread and consider stains. And the most important point: relax! It’s a vacation and you’re supposed to have fun and relax;)

Vous partez bientôt ? Qu’allez-vous emmener avec vous ? Pouvez-vous penser à d’autres problèmes lorsque vous tricotez en vacances ?

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