When I talked to you about Charlov’s latest book “Learning to Knit Clothes and Accessories”, I could hardly forget Hello Kim’s book.

I practice circular knitting,for a very long time and yet I have not done everything with it yet. Sweaters are certainly the things that scare me the most … Why? I do not know ^^

In this book, we have a whole guide to embark on circular knitting and learn to love it through books that I find more beautiful than the others <3 We have books that knit around and works that are knit back and forth, which I find very good because it allows not to be confined to a single technique all along.

Kim has a very pastel universe that I appreciate very much. It may be slightly different from Charlov’s, but I can not say which one I prefer.

In this book, we are entitled to large pages of explanations, we feel that this book is not for beginners! In the same way, the models are more complex and more provided than those of the book of Charlov, it is normal, one does not target the same people.

I liked the pages with double pictures. We have a picture taken a little far and a picture taken very close. I find it important to see models closely too, because the texture of a project to its importance and thanks to this kind of shots, we can easily get an idea of ​​the rendering.

About the pattern that I prefer, my little knitter heart beats for the shawl, the camisole, the openwork sweater, the waistcoat and the wrap. I appreciated the presence of original dots like those of the cap cute hearts and cap with chains, it’s really nice to see things that are out of the ordinary and follow, at the same time, knitting  trends.

As in Charlov, I wish to Kim that his book is a success during this knitting literary season and I am sure it will appeal to beginner knitters who want to progress or confirmed.

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