You already know, I love knitting, it’s really a passion, but I hate knitting the sleeves. How can we love something and yet hate part of the process. How can this be possible?

Indeed, I hate doing the sleeves. Whenever I get to this stage in my knitting projects, it’s the cross and the banner to move forward! In the same way when we have to make seams … We are so close to the end and yet, it takes so much time to do this operation! I think I understood why I was reacting like that and I will share my thoughts.

To explain, I’m going to tell you how I feel about cooking, because I think it’s the same scenario that’s playing out.

When I cook, I love to plan my menu, to make my list of race, I like all the process that cooking induces: the cutting, the cooking, the fresh herbs, the preparation of the table. In addition, I love cooking for others. Still, I do not like to carry groceries, I hate to touch raw meat … I say that I like to cook, but what I really like are the moments that allow me to settle in a bubble of serenity. I like the process to be fluid.


So, if we go back to knitting, I think it’s the same thing. I like that knitting is fluid. I like when the stitches slip slowly on my needles and that my ranks advance without really thinking about it. I like when there is a rhythm. When something disturbs the rhythm, I’m not really in this bubble of serenity that I told you earlier (as when working on sleeves or that we must be very careful to respect a complex grid) .

When there is no rhythm, I am more aware of what is happening around me. My mind will come back to my worries or notice the slightest annoying sound. I am more distracted …

I think that’s it: we like to knit because we like the fluidity of a movement. Certain stages of the process will not seem fluid, despite all our efforts. What can be nice to me and seem fluid (the moss stich, folding the stitches) can be a real wooly nightmare for someone else. It depends on the movements, your perception. This is also the reason why we often gravitate around the same types of projects, because we are in perpetual research of this fluidity, this rhythm and this serenity that brings us. For me, my cruising pace, I find it through shawls with simple patterns or with the body of sweaters with easy to memorize points so that I can continue without stopping. For other knitters and knitters, they find a fluidity in the production of socks or cups. Everyone has their favorite project.

I think that being aware of our difficulty in achieving certain parts can allow us to be more patient when we meet these moments. I know that I will think differently the next time I knit sleeves, because I will remember to see the moment in a different way to find a fluidity in this process. And if I can not, I think you just have to be understanding with yourself and more patient too ^^

And what part of knitting do you not like to do? Which parts do you prefer? Have you ever thought about it?


  • cigalette says:

    Pour moi, c’est le col qui me pose souvent problème.
    Rares sont les fois où je n’ai pas besoin de défaire car ça ne tombe pas parfaitement bien.
    Quand j’enlève mon aiguille du col, j’ai toujours peur de faire une catastrophe. Une fois cousu maille par maille, je suis contente de moi.
    Pour les manches, pas de soucis, je les tricote en même temps. Donc pas trop de cassage de tête .
    Bonne journée

    • Jaenelle says:

      Coucou Cigalette et merci de ton commentaire ! 😀 Chacune a ses difficultées 😉 L’idée de tricoter les manches en même temps n’est pas mauvaise, je tenterai l’expérience sur mon prochain pull 😉

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