I was at a friend’s house knitting quietly Everything was peaceful in my woolly world: the stitches glided perfectly, the movement was fluid … Until Light made its appearance.

Light is a very playful young cat. This cat loves to play with wool (Belly-Saint-Gray he loves to even chew it!) And it can wreak havoc on the balls of wool that hang around. Knitting with Berlioz around is a challenge. When I went to my friend’s house, I had to develop real strategies so that Lumière and I could live together without problems. Here are some of my tips for knitting with a very playful cat by your side;)

1. Improve your storage space

When I had to keep Light a few weeks when her mistress was away, I regretted not having prepared myself better. Light is a real eel and sometimes I swore he had hands instead of paws. I had never seen a cat able to open the drawers of a piece of furniture! If you have to store wool with cats in the area, opt for plastic bins with pressure handles. The paw of a cat can catch any strand of wool that exceeds: believe my experience!

2. Make a toy

When you take out your knit, make sure you have made a small cotton mouse for your 4-legged companion. It can go from the mouse to the knitted ball, you are spoiled for choice.

3. Hide balls of wool for the cat

After a few interactions with Light, I realized that he was only interested in one thing: the balls of wool. So I had the idea to create small balls of wool in cotton thread. I created a small ball. With a point of glue, I fixed the wool leaving a small remnant of wool to hang. This prevents the cat from rolling the ball over meters and meters.

4.Keep your pelota in a zipped project bag

When I knit, I have my project on my knees and pelota in a zipped project bag. I just leave a very small open space so that the thread is not stuck and to continue knitting. Light is then fascinated by the movement of the wire but as the ball remains invisible, it remains quiet.

And what do you do to knit with playful cat around you?

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