There are nights when all we dream of is to find a clean, quiet apartment, to sit comfortably on the couch and let yourself be transported while knitting accompanied by a small candle for example for ephemeral company, flickering and yet so comforting.

I’ve had these cravings for a few weeks with including the cold that is felt more and more, the frozen mistral blowing behind the windows and hiss the walls. I just had the chance to discover the candles “My Jolie Candle” which offer very comforting scents and in which we can discover a little gem that unfolds as the candle burns.

Mine smells of caramel macaroons and perfumes the room in just a few moments! I appreciate the slightly tinted pot that gives a soft light and protect against accidents that can happen so quickly (an unfortunate gesture and all the wax that falls to the ground, I know all too well).

I received it in a very nice paper package that I kept for a while as I found it so charming.

The candle is very long and I am just starting to see the packaging bag of the jewel that I will not be able to reveal for the moment.

It is interesting to note that the wax is 100% vegetable and the wick in pure cotton to ensure a non-toxic candle! : D

At the moment, this candle accompanies me in the realization of a second pair of blue and black sock that I hope to finish very soon (the first eh, we must not laugh ^ ^). This moment has become a little habit that I like to reproduce as a comforting little winter ritual.

And what is your little winter ritual with your knitting?


  • Joce78 says:

    De la musique, un thé ou un chocolat chaud et un feu de cheminée…
    et l’idéal… avec un chat à ses côtés !!! (le mien s’est fait renverser par une voiture en 2016 et il me manque toujours !!! un jour j’en aurai un autre mais pas pour le moment…)
    Profite bien de ces moments cocooning !!

    • Jaenelle says:

      Coucou Jocelyne et merci de ton commentaire 🙂 Je suis désolée pour ton chat <3 Tu en prendras un autre quand le temps sera venu, laisse toi le temps <3 Plein de douces pensées

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