A few weeks ago, I had to deal with a problem that had never happened before: the color of a wire I was using was stopped. It was a classic phildar wool, a thread that I appreciate for its roundness. I was knitting a sweater and I was in the sleeves. I arrive at the moment when I have to change balls and plunge my hand into my book bag: no more balls. Serene, I go to my furniture wool, persuaded to still have balls of the color I used. I open the drawers and nothing. Nothing, more wool of this color. I pester a little, but reassures me by saying that I will go to the store that is located close to my home. I go to the store and head straight for the column of the range of my wire and … more wire of this color. I go to the saleswoman and ask him if he still has balls. Adorable, she goes to the reserve. I hear it rummage and she returns empty-handed. She kindly suggests I order the missing wool. Except that, the color was stopped. More colors: the thread has been stopped …

I’m sure it has happened to you already. It’s so disappointing when one of our sons is arrested. In this case, several possibilities are available to you: either you will continue your boss with a different color (and you will have a sweater two-color), or you look for the ball that you miss in the other stores.

How to find the few balls I miss?

1. Ask other knit-onauts

Spread the word you are looking for this particular thread. Post on facebook, on instagram, in your knitting groups. Maybe there will be a good soul who will have one last ball of that color?

2. Ask the surrounding shops

If the thread has been stopped recently, it is possible that the haberdashery around you still have some balls in their reserves. Do not hesitate to call the stores and ask them.

3. Check stores online

Online stores may also have destocking sales to get rid of what’s left of their yarn. If you are lucky, you will find several skeins in a shop. Otherwise, you may have to buy hanks from different places.

3. Have a look on Ravelry

The triconauts know that Ravelry is “THE” social network of knitters and knitters. On forums and woolen spaces, you will surely find someone who has your precious thread stopped.

How to manage the stop of a thread in the middle of a knitting?

1. Find a similar thread

You will not always be able to easily replace a stopped thread, but sometimes you can find a close thread. To find a thread similar to the one you just lost, you can use the site YarnSub which offers several substitute threads (with a similarity percentage etc)

2. Use the same thread in different color

That’s the solution I found. I took a ball of a lighter tone than the one I had and I therefore have a two-tone sweater.

In fact, whether you are beginner or advanced, these tips may be useful. And what would be your advice to the knit-onauts?

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