Offering yarn to a knitter: good or bad idea?

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When comes the Christmas period, birthdays and company. I always say to people, “Do not buy me wool.”

Yes, I really tell my family and friends not to buy wool. I realize it may sound strange, but I prefer to pay for my wool alone. But, seriously, when you take five minutes to think about it, wool is really not the best gift for a knitter. Let me tell you why.

1. Projects require a specific amount of thread

People who do not knit and will give you wool often try to imagine what you will do with the yarn they are going to offer you. They may think that only one super-bulky skein is enough for you to create a super trendy wool blanket. They may also think that you buy four skeins of this 900m lace yarn for you to knit a shawl because it certainly takes a lot with such a fine yarn! If they have never knitted a project, they do not realize that you will probably need a skein of lace thread to knit a shawl and that you will need six of these standard skeins to knit a blanket .

This would require a lot of someone who is unfamiliar with knitting to download a pattern, spot (and understand) the recommended threads, order the exact thread and quantity needed so you can knit a specific project.

2. Wool is much softer than people think

In my experience, I can tell you that many of the threads offered are either fancy wool (ribbon thread, pompom thread …) or acrylic. This may be fine for the right project, but I think most of the time it’s because non-knitters do not understand the properties of the fibers. They offer fancy yarns because they look cool or acrylic because there are lots of colors. Their only experience with the wool they have is certainly the sweaters that can be found in major ready-to-wear stores.

As a knitter, I do not doubt that you like quality wool as much as me. It’s soft, warm and durable. To help combat the myth of the “itchy wool,” I make the wool I knit with as often as possible to let the neophytes know the real touch of wool.

3. The color choice is really personal

This reasoning really does not need an explanation, does it? Everyone has color preferences that are very personal to them. I do not wear yellow or orange and guess what is the favorite color of a friend and so I have several times offered balls of this color?

The color is something very personal and so that the skein can be used and worn (when it is knitted), you really have to leave the choice to the knitter.

4. Most yarn stash are already full of yarn

I really like all the skeins of wool that I have been offered. Even if I do not like fiber or color, I appreciate the intention behind each of these skeins. The fact that someone I appreciate has thought of me and wanted to make me happy by offering me something related to my favorite activity, warms my heart. I take this as an encouragement to continue. Although I may never knit them, I keep each skein, which means, you will understand that I have a reserve with a lot, a lot of wool (especially if you count the wool I bought). This brings me to a finding, even experienced knitters make bad choices for their knitting supplies.

If you really want to give wool to a knitter, give her a gift card. Although it seems impersonal, in our case it is not. It will allow the knitter to choose the color and the fiber she likes.

And you, have you ever received skeins as a gift? Did you knit them?

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