A few months ago, I receive Melanie’s message. A loyal knitter who has been following my page for a few years now. She tells me about a knit box she wants to launch. I am enthusiastic about the idea, but advises her to offer a real added value to his box, because knitting boxes already exist. She contacts me again soon and offers me her new concept.

The box “Du fil à retordre” is therefore a knitting box (odd months) and hook (even months) that works like a knit party ! Focused on relaxation and cocooning, the idea is to propose the realization of a small project that can be realized quickly. The box would contain tea, small treats, wool and needles to be able to offer a real moment of relaxation to the happy owners of the box.

I immediately loved the idea! I was very excited to receive this January and I was not disappointed!

In this box, I am pleased to discover two beautiful balls of incredibly soft gray wool, a white fake fur pompom, a pair of circular needles, two small marker rings, Christmas tea, Christmas spice cakes as well as a cap boss.

I really liked the concept. By receiving it, I stopped everything I did and I arranged a real moment of relaxation. I prepared the tea, ate the cakes and enjoyed the moment of relaxation that Melanie offered me through her box. As a knitting blogger, it is sometimes difficult to really enjoy the meditative aspect of knitting and I found it here thanks to this box. The knitting has a melody, a harmony, a rhythm. Hear it. It’s like a music. You just have to take the time to listen to it.

So, I loved it so much that we propose with Melanie to win! 😀 You can try to win by participating on instagram (and only on instagram, I am sorry for the one who does not have this social network).

The box “Du fil à retordre” really pleased me and allowed me to enjoy a real moment of relaxation! I hope you will enjoy it as well and I encourage you to discover more on the site of Mélanie. 😉

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