A few months ago, I received Coty’s message. With Allessandra, they contacted me to discover their brand of ethical wool: Nomadnoos. Both are passionate about the know-how of the hymalayan countries. After seeing poverty in these countries, especially women, they decided to create Nomadnoos, a social company where spinners and breeders are paid in a sustainable way.

I immediately was very enthusiastic about the principle and it gives me pleasure to talk about their brand today. Spun wool is a real treasure of finesse. We see all the authenticity of the hand spun yarn with an irregular yarn but which is nonetheless a pleasure to knit.

So I had the chance to knit satuul sheep wool, a Himalayan sheep breeds and colors “Satuul my bags” which corresponds to a beautiful light blue / teal.

To highlight this thread, I decided to knit it at the edge of the shawl so that the whole thread unfolds in all its authenticity. I worked the border with a first part in horizontal lace, then in point of elm and finally, a last part in horizontal lace. I made sure to create a basque effect so that the reflections are put in front. 🙂

GIVEAWAY – I enjoyed and I am so happy to introduce you to a ethical brand wool  I propose you to win but not two skeins of Mouton Sartull with the same color as mine;)

To participate, it is very easy:

  • Follow Nomadnoos on Facebook and / or Instagram
  • Follow me on Facebook and / or Instagram
  • Say in comment what you intend to knit with this wool
  • (optional) share with the knit-onauts that it might be interesting;)

The giveaway will end on Sunday February 17th at 6pm and the winner will be announced from 8pm 😉

I hope this wool will please you as much as me. I think it’s important to discover and support brands like this to revolutionize the way we consume <3 Good luck knit-onauts! 😀

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