Here I am back after a long absence! I missed writing to you 🙂 Despite my graduation thesis still being written, many projects have had time to fall from my needles. I decided to show you first and foremost this beautiful night blue clutch knitted with the new fiber We Are Knitters: The Tape they were kind enough to send me. With its 100% natural fiber made of recycled cotton, she has been a real pleasure to knit 😀

To realize it, I mounted 25 meshes on needles of 8mm and I mounted all in point garter until obtaining the desired depth (my work was 50 cm of height before folding). Subsequently, I folded my big rectangle in three to get a pocket.

To decorate it, I made a 50 cm braid with the fiber The Tape in white color that I sewn to my wallet. Finally, I added a white pompon made with the same fiber.

It is an accessory that I enjoyed to knit (especially with the heats it does right now) because the thread is very light while being strong enough to get a quality pouch. She has already been very useful and can keep with you keys and wallet during a small party at friends for example 🙂

With the thread I have left, I’m thinking of making a basket with some matching discloths and tawashis to start using these little sponges in a zeros perspective or at least reduce what I can: D not be much, but it is by small gestures that we will advance.

What do you think about this cover and my future project? Have you chosen to take a zero waste perspective? 🙂

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