I had the pleasure of learning the future birth of a baby boy in a friend’s family. You start to know me and I, of course, jumped on my needles to rush to knit little things for this future little angel.

I chose to knit three patterns: slippers, a baby’s vest and a little hat. I made them with the cotton wool of Berthe and Victorine, which is a marvel of softness to knit. It’s one of the fair-trade organic Pima cotton they sent me a year ago, I believe. The pastel colors have really conquered me and will be perfect for the future unborn child whether it’s a boy or a girl: D

The pattern of the baby’s vest was created using the pattern of  Mes tricots et Astuces. This pattern is really simple to knit. It is made in one piece and in garter stitch. I chose to make a two-tone coat, so I changed the color of my yarn at the beginning of the sleeves and at the end: really a breeze for a very attractive result. To finish the model, I sewed a small white button on the side while adding a hook-made flange to make a buttonhole on each side of the baby’s vest.


The slippers were made from the pattern of Laure on her blog. I’m always knitting these slippers now when I have to make a birth gift. They are simple and quick to do. I just knitted everything in garter stitch to match with the baby’s vest and added a little decorative knot on the top of the shoe.

Finally, I made a hat with the pattern of Emilie Luis, the Mishka’s hat. I simply changed the knit stitch to always be tuned with the other previously knitted garments for the baby. Both patterns are simple to follow, accessible to beginners and quick to perform. In one evening, the cap was over.

The set was completed in less than a week and I was able to send it to future happy parents before the weekend.

What do you think of this little birth gift? Have you ever tested these patterns?

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