“Do you know that you can just buy socks like everyone else?” And “Why do not you buy your socks?” I can not tell you how many times I heard that phrase while I was knitting socks in public. Yes, I know I can buy socks in stores. Yes, I can give in to consumerism and go through the facility but … no;) You know why? Because I find hand-knit socks so much better than store-bought socks!

They fit you perfectly

The socks you buy are not suited to the characteristics of your feet. Did you know that the foot has unique characteristics among all the individuals we train? It’s always better to have socks for your sensitive skin, your long feet, or this toe that is much longer than others.

They are comfortable

There is no need to wiggle, handmade socks are so much more comfortable! Those who come from the store are often made of nylon, polyester or acrylic to cost as little as possible and you end up with feet that do not breathe and macerate all day in its fibers. In the end, at the end of the day, when you remove your shoes, it’s as if an explosion of maroilles had occurred in your sneakers. By knitting my socks, I can make the mixes that I want with my favorite fibers. In addition, the wool is anti-microbial socks are not smelly at the end of the day!

They are chic

Things ridiculously hard to find: a pair of pretty black socks. It seems that most stores offer sports socks and that’s it … What will I do with these logos on my socks? I do not judge if you want to wear simpson socks or emojis, but there are other options. You can make a great pair for occasions, knit socks that perfectly match your outfit, your suit and even your tie if you feel like it. This adds an elegant touch to the entire outfit.

They are the color you want

I like to wear funky socks at home. Striped, with colors that flash and make it out of the ordinary. Self-yarn, multicolored yarn, plain yarn you are spoiled for choice and the full range of the rainbow at your disposal!

They are the color you want

With hand-knit socks, you can have fun not to match your socks! You can use the same yarn and two different sock patterns for a pair of “coordinated” socks. Use the same pattern with a solid wire and a hand-painted wire and see how they fit together. Or completely give up the correspondence! You can not be a victim of second sock syndrome if you never make the sock that is supposed to be matched. : P

And you, do you prefer to buy your socks or knit them?

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