Socks are life. Yes, it’s a strange statement and believe me, I come back from a distance. By starting knitting, if I had been told that I would love to knit socks, I would certainly not have believed it. ^^ If you’re not already a big socks knitter, I’ll tell you why socks are the best knitting projects;)

Easily transportable 

The socks are small and fit in most bags and handbags, making it the ideal project for knitting on the move.

Easy to follow

It’s so easy to pick a sock and knit a few rows or even a few stitches, then rest and not lose where you left off. This makes the socks ideal for knitting during social situations, in the car (when you are not the driver) or in a waiting room.


The pair of socks is (usually) a project with one single skein, which makes them less expensive to achieve than a project with several skeins. Sock yarns are available at many price ranges, which means that there is usually an affordable sock yarn for most knitters.

Everyone needs it

If you are lucky enough to have feet ,you will definitely need socks at some point. Even in warmer climates, people like to wear socks at home during cool evenings or when they are travelling to colder countries. At some point in their lives, all the feets need socks. Socks are therefore useful projects ! 

Allow to learn new techniques

Socks provide an excellent opportunity to learn new techniques on a small scale. If you want to try a technique for the first time, socks are a great way to learn and understand how you feel about this technique without engaging yourself in the same way as when you knit your sweater.

You purl just a little bit of stitches

We agree that purling the stitches is a real problem? The socks are worked in a round, so there is no rank to purl ! (hurra ! )

They can be knit quickly

Even if the realization of socks takes on average 10 to 15 hours of realization (for a sock at mid-calves), the stages are linked quickly which makes this project very satisfactory to knit.

They make perfect gifts!

Who does not love a pair of hand-knit socks made with love? I think this is the gift that my friends prefer, because I am often asked for it ^^

And you, do you think socks are the best knit projects? If not which knitting project is the best according to you?

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