The fluffy is soft, downy and especially cocoon! And what better than a fluffy headband to keep your ears warm in these cold November mornings?

I knitted this one from a Phil Rêves and a pinch of Iliade yarn color Anthracite both from Phildar, to give a contrast and a little mottled.

I knitted it in two small hours during a train ride with 10mm needles.

For the pattern, I was inspired by a pattern that I had spotted on Asos.

Personally, I cast on 10 stitches and I knitted adapting the model to my head: real tailor-made! Then I knitted a little band to hide the stitching of the widest headband, I sewed and the fluffy headband was born!

To change the subject, I noticed that we are soon 100 on the Facebook page of the blog! To thank you, I want to offer you a small FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) as soon as the amount is reached if you say 🙂

What do you think about this headband? And the FAQ for the 100 fans of the page? 🙂

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