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Tired of having trouble finding patterns of free knitwear in English on the internet, I had the idea, shortly after the creation of the blog, to propose a bank of free knitwear models where I shared my personal discoveries . This page has been hugely successful and that’s why it has been updated and updated regularly.

To date, you will have access to all free knitting patterns by theme: men, women, children of all ages, baby lay and premature, various … and soon animals. With more than 600 free knitting patterns in total, you will find your happiness among this multitude of links.

All you have to do is choosing the category that interests you by clicking on it. You can return to this page at any time by clicking on the previous page in your browser.

I give a you little tip, if you are looking for a particular item on the page, the word “shawl” for example, you can search for it precisely by typing the following shortcut (Cmd and F if you are on mac or CTRL and F if you are on Windows A small search bar will appear at the top right of your page. All you have to do is type your search and it will be highlighted in yellow on the page!

Today, I hope that the success of this page in particular can be used for all knitters, bloggers, designers etc. So, if you have suggestions for links or if you want to appear in this library and enjoy the passage of several thousand knitters, do not hesitate to contact me and make your proposals. You can enjoy free visibility while sharing your models to all the knitters who are going on this page.

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