Knit while walking, knit with your eyes closed … when will you knit upside down tell me? Well, that’s a question I’ve heard a lot from the knitters: do you look at your knitting while you’re knitting? Some knitters said they had never had the courage to try it, while others admit to having tried it with some failures.

Watching TV or netflix, chatting with friends, you can do all these things by knitting!

Here are some of my tricks for you to knit without looking at your book 🙂

1. Use your markers and stitches to guide you

Touch is essential! To avoid missing a mesh, I advise you to use your fingers to feel the meshes happen. Indeed, if you focus, you will feel the stitches pass one after the other under your fingers. I personally find the effect very relaxing.

If you have to do an action at a specific spot of your knitting, I recommend the stitch markers. If I work on a shawl with increases at the beginning, in the middle and at the stitch, I will put the markers at the agreed places. When I get to the marker, I feel it pass under my fingers and then I know it’s time to lower the eyes to pass on the other needle, make my increase and continue my knitting to the next marker.

2. Let's train !

Like knitting while walking, knitting without looking at one’s work requires training. Before you look at it at all, practice. Spend time looking at your hands, soaking up the movements you make. By returning to a rhythm, you will have acquired a habit and a rhythm of cruising which will be familiar to you. It will then be very easy for you to look up from time to time and then more and more often.

3. Knit at intervals

Do not forget: there are no rules for knitting without looking at your knitting! You can look down at your book when you need it! I find it useful to knit at intervals. I knit without looking for a few minutes, then I look at my knitting again to make sure there are no mistakes and I continue. I go back and forth, feeling the movement of wires and needles. If you are unsure of yourself, do not be afraid to take a look at your book;)

4. Find the right pattern

Knitting without looking is not the best idea for all knitting patterns. Patterns that have many different dots, lace patterns and patterns requiring diagrams require a lot more attention and focus. Stay on repetitive and simple patterns. The dots like jersey and garter are perfect to start;)

And you, do you knit without looking at your work? What are your tips ? 😉


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