The Scandinavian knotted cushion or “knudepude” is a knot cushion with a very original design that we see blooming everywhere on the canvas … With my attraction for the Scandinavian decor, I could only be happy when I saw that Phildar marketed the phil Fun : a XXL padded “yarn” that makes cushions of this style and other achievements such as a stool rug or padding.

The yarn is packaged in a large vacuum box. When you take it out of its packaging, it will seem a little wrinkled, but after several manipulations and the realization of the knot, it seems nothing.

I watched Phildar’s tutorial video and thought it was a shame to leave so much thread to give cushion padding. Convinced to be able to do better, I have not doubled the thread, but quadrupled the thread to get a great knotted cushion!

For the knot, I used the DIY « Little Inspiration » which was a great help to me. She made the cushion in the form of a Turkish knot. I did the same. I only quadrupled the wire and skipped steps 9 to 11 that are described in the picture.

I did not even have to sew anything. I had just enough thread to lock the end threads by tying them.

I must admit that I thought it was going to be easier than that. ^^ I had to go back to it several times before reaching a satisfactory result (maybe I’m too demanding too). In any case, I can only recommend that you make your creations on the floor … Believe me, doing it on a table will confuse you more than anything else!

I’m happy with the result and I think it brings a touch of deco very nice and fun enough 🙂

And you, will you succumb to the charm of Scandinavian knotted cushions?

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