To undo a knit makes me really feel bad. To see his work disappear by a simple twitch of wire: it is horrible :'(  It happens to the best of us.I happened to have to undo some bosses several times and each time, I asked myself the question: Should I undo this knit or not ?

If there is one thing I learned about undoing a knit, it’s that you have to have a plan and do nothing on a whim. So before you undo everything, cry, scream, take a few breaths and follow the guide 😉 Everything will be fine.

Determine if you need to undo or continue

Ask yourself: is it a mistake that I can let go? If so, continue. Sometimes small mistakes can be ignored. Nobody will ever notice it except you. If you’ve really missed something and you have a big hole or your number of stitches is far from right, it’s probably best to go back.

Evaluate the error

It is natural to get angry and start destroying everything irrationally … and without a plan! Before starting to undo your knitting, take a few breaths and assess exactly where you made the mistake. Mark the error with a marker, write the place on your pattern … The idea is to understand your mistake.

Take a break and watch

When you make a mistake, the worst thing to do is to go crazy. Once, angry, I undid a sweater, because I did not have the right number of stitches. I started again and paf! Same problem. It turned out that there was a mistake in the pattern and not in my knitting!

Sometimes you have to get away and take a step back on the project. I find this particularly true, especially when I knit at night. Sometimes a good night’s sleep is all you need.


You may want to start over from the beginning if you can not identify the error. You can also undo and start again if you made a mistake at the beginning of the project and you will not lose much time.

If the mere idea of ​​having to destroy the entire project already brings tears to your eyes, another possibility is the life line after the fact. This is the ideal solution when you know where you are wrong. The lifeline keeps all the stitches in place, so you can undo your knitting without going too far.

And you, do you have any tips to undo a knit safely? You too have already undone an entire knitting (tell me that I am not the only one) ^^

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