To be completely honest with you, I already had the opportunity to test knitting applications: rank counter, pattern library … And frankly, I was not really excited. The design of the applications was not crazy, the terms were not all mastered. It’s nothing to write home about … One day, I was contacted by Damien and he told me about a new knitting application: Tricoach. The project seemed interesting, so I decided to give this new application a chance and I did not regret it!

Tricoach is an application that wants to be as complete as possible. Available for free on the App Store and Google Play, it offers several services.

First, she offers a library of knitting patterns. You can follow the indications of the boss as and when through your app. No more missing rows and no need to pack this little paper with cross / lines / squares to count the ranks, the app is there to help you count and track the progress of your model.

If we already have a pattern and that it is not part of the catalog, we can enter the instructions in the application and enjoy the rank counter anyway 🙂 At this, we must also highlight the technical videos which explain the basics of knitting.

The application Tricoach is in full development, but it only asks to get rich! The updates are done little by little so it’s an application to keep in his phone to see it evolve 🙂

I enjoyed using Tricoach. This is a promising application with a library that is growing more and more 🙂 Note the application on Iphone is slightly more developed than on Android, but I think this gap will soon be caught;)

In the perspectives of improvements of the application, I think it could be interesting that the models could be imported (in PDF format) for example in order to keep them on the phone and put in collections that one could create self.

I will also see a grid tracking tool for jacquard patterns for example. Why not add a space to note changes made on the boss? In terms of tools, I think that a calculating knitting tool could also be interesting. We just have to enter the type of project, the length of the wire we want to use, the size and the sample to calculate the number of balls. Still in the field of knitting tools, I propose the establishment of a size adaptation calculator. To go further (still) further, I finally propose the establishment of a tool to get his stock of wool, write notes on it so you can record everything about it (number of balls, footage) so that the we have more to return the whole house to find the label of this famous ball which one does not remember the stock, nor the name … It feels the experience is not it? ^^

I think it would enrich the application to make it more complete!

And you, did you try Tricoach? Do you know the application? What did you think?


  • Joelle de Belgique says:

    Je ne connais pas…. du tout
    Reste a trouver un peu devtemps pour aller voir ,merci

    • Jaenelle says:

      Coucou Joelle et merci de ton commentaire 🙂 Je te recommande d’aller la voir quand tu pourras, c’est une assez bonne application. Elle est encore toute jeune mais elle ne demande qu’à progresser je pense 😉

  • joce78 says:

    Je ne connais pas cette application. Il y a quelques années déjà, j’ai acheté (3 euros je crois) tricot compagnon. C’est pas mal mais pas de calcul de métrage ou de nombre de pelotes à utiliser (il faut peut-être passer à la version pro). Par contre, un compteur qui permet de savoir à quelle moment faire une augmentation et à combien nous en sommes (tant augmentations tous les tant de rangs).
    C’est vrai qu’il faut jongler avec les petites applications proposées sur le net, un tout en un serait hyper pratique !!!

    • Jaenelle says:

      Coucou Jocelyne et merci de ton commentaire 🙂 Hélas, je n’ai pas encore trouvé de tout en un mais peut-être que cela viendra un jour ? 😀 En attendant, tricoach ne demande qu’à évoluer donc c’est interessant de suivre son développement 😉

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