We are so often distracted from the life we want to live. In this world where entertainment is dominated by the media, where silence and calm scares some of us, we try to protect ourselves from all this with ever more noise and frenetic occupations. We waste our energy in a life where our attention no longer belongs to us. A life where everything we are looking for is impossible to achieve because of the ambient noise all around us. Some cling to superficial lives filled with desire (desire for money, desire for more, desire for what others are, desire for those that others live) without realizing that they are the origin of their suffering.

We spend a large part of our lives looking at the lives around us on Instagram or Facebook, we are so distracted that some are taking posts in the face as they are absorbed by the screens.

Instead of Plato’s cavern, we each create our little cavern and live in a world of flickering images devoid of real substance. We literally put our world away, with all its robustness and rawness, and we adapt everything that happens in a virtual world of sounds, photos and videos that we carry in our pockets.

We do not react only to external things, we create distractions ourselves continually. We cook them and maintain them. They are our companions, our pets. This is the reason why so many people do not like to be alone or do not tolerate silence.

We have forgotten how to live without her. We have forgotten that we do not need to live this life of distraction and we have forgotten that we have the choice not to participate. That to live the life we aspire to, we must come out of the continuous flow of information technology and activity and be active in our lives.

I’m not immune … Myself, I sometimes give in to this ambient noise, to look at a life that is not mine. Sometimes I forget that I have a choice and I let myself be carried away by the current.

We must be active in our own lives. I have to create the life I want, because what lies behind these endless distractions is the unlimited space of the awakened and creative mind.

Although meditation and yoga are the first tools to reach this life, I want to put even more, more and more hands on using creation as the key to a better life.

I know that my practice is the antidote to distraction, desire and discontent, because hand-made manufacturing contains all the skills, qualities and techniques necessary for a good life. Indeed, when you know how to fully exploit this open and creative flow, its beneficial qualities can extend to all areas of your life.

Create allows us to access the present moment. Creation is the moment of calm where the being of creativity in which we find ourselves is self-sufficient and where we need nothing other than this wool that runs in our fingers, that this tissue that folds, these needles that seem to flit. I am exactly where I would like to be. I feel perfectly well, I am present.

Creation gives us a meaning that we have lost. It holds our values, our thoughts, our emotions, our personality, everything that makes us who we are. It is the visible result of our courage, our practice, our successes and our failures.

Perhaps the most important thing that we can offer others and that we can afford is silence. No silence filled with unconfessed criticism or judgment. I speak of silences that become refuges of calm, where everyone is accepted as he is. This silence, we can find it in the creation. Creation connects us to us, to others. It seems that we have forgotten this and it may be time to return to this spontaneous action.

Never forget that you are never prisoners because there are constantly opportunities for creation, challenges and improvisation. Be creative!


  • Joelle de Belgique says:

    Tout a fzit d accord avec cette vision ,
    Mais …il y a aussi du bon dans les écrans. ..la preuve on decouvre des passionnées….
    Parfois je regrette de passer autant de temps et donc d avancer moins pour des choses plus sociales !!!Je tente ( en vain ) de trouver un bon equilibre .
    Bisous et…..à tres vite

    • Jaenelle says:

      Coucou Joelle et merci de ton commentaire 🙂 Oh tu vas me faire rougir 😛 C’est vrai que c’est difficile de trouver un équilibre sain entre tout ça. Peut-être qu’un jour, l’équilibre se fera à force de tentatives ?

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