The other day, someone asked me, “Why are you bothering to knit?” The question surprised me.

Of course, knitting is not conventional. It seems out of place in our industrialized world, but when you get there, knitting, like all arts and crafts, is about creating.

With a little wool, two pieces of wood, and two hands, you can bring something useful to the world. From the chaos of the skein comes order and utility in the form of a hat or a pair of mittens. It’s super badass right?

It’s the magic of knitting and creating together. With our imagination and a little raw material, we can bring a little magic and beauty to the world.

This is one of the reasons why I prefer to “bother” to knit.

It’s not just me. Since the dawn of time, our ancestors have created things. Some were necessary for survival, others were just created for the beauty of the element itself.

You only have to see the oil lamps, flasks, vases, jugs of the Greek, Roman and Egyptian eras. Some are incredibly thin, while a simple wooden bucket could do the trick. Yet, craftsmen have chosen to make beautiful with useful objects.We like the creative process where we do not like it. Personally, I like to create, I like to see the knit forming over my needles and I think it is for all this that I “bother to knit” while I could save time (and ‘money’ to buy my sweaters in any ready-to-wear brand like any other girl of my age.

I think we live in a world where we do not take the time anymore. We have to cook fast, save time on all our tasks, everything must go fast. We no longer take the time to take advantage of traditional processes like our grandparents or great-grandparents did. I remember that my grandmother always had a tendency to go to the kitchen very early to take the time to prepare the meal. My grandfather took the time to grow his vegetables and fruit when he could have gone to the supermarket to look for them. Similarly for eggs and all other commodities.

Everything must go faster and faster, all for what in the end? To be able to take a little time in front of the television, the computer, the console or the phone to scroller on instagram to dream of a quieter life?

Knitting is the beginning of a new way of seeing life in my opinion. It is the revolution of time against the search for time saving.

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