It’s really frustrating when you buy a nice wool for a project that you find that your stuffed yarn, does pilling when you start to wear it. I think it’s one of the beasts of knitting. Indeed, a plush sweater looks old, loses in beauty, design and finishes slowly fade.

Why is wool pilling? I will tell you everything in this article.

  • Where do the pill come from?

When pieces of fiber separate from the wire and are rubbed (as under the armpits of a sweater), they turn into small balls of wool called more commonly: pills.

Today there are special brushes to remove these pill but can not avoid pill from the start? I’ll tell you how to choose threads that will have less tendency to fluff and how to knit them to avoid the formation of pills at the creation stage.

  • How to identify wool that will tend to pill ?

The presentation tag of your wool will be of great help in this step. Indeed, if it indicates a high percentage of luxury fiber you will have less chance of falling on a thread that fluff. How many sons does she have? Does she have one or more twists? The less twisting, the more complicated the thread will be for you. Does the skein already contain fluff? If so, pinch a few ends of fluff and pull. Do they withdraw easily or not? If they do not withdraw, this is ideal, but if the stuffed animals are removed, do not despair, you can always settle for this thread later 😉

You still have doubts? Make a sample. Knit a square of 10×10 cm changing needles as and when. Once you’re done, we start the fight! Wash, beat your sample and watch how it reacts. If you knit a sweater with this yarn, you deserve to know what you are pledging.

  • How to prepare a yarn ?

Tighten your gauge! The ample points are the main enemies of the wool that we will call “vulnerable”. The easiest way to preserve your wool and reduce your needle size if the thread allows you. Of course, you do not want to create kevlar, but your sample will be dense, plus it will be prepared to handle the various rubs and varied. Prefer the ribs, the moss stitches, the garter stitch for the fluffy threads. Indeed, your knit will gain in dimensional stability. The more stable the knit, the less chance of pill ! 

  • What to do when your clothes have pills?

Some initial pills are completely normal. This is a sign that the most vulnerable fibers are coming out of the mix, leaving the rest to settle for the long term. Remove as many fluff as you can, either by using fingertips if they are easy to remove or by cutting them if they resist. Fill the sink with warm water to warm the water and wash the garment. Immersion in hot water will cause swelling and mixing of the fibers, creating a more permanent entanglement that will be less sensitive to friction.

If the pilling of the sweater never slows down, it is better to lower your expectations. But, if it slow down and eventually stop … you can make a big hug to your knitting and enjoy a good life of happiness together!

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